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Single Room Water Underfloor Heating System

Multi Room Water Underfloor Heating System

Underfloor heating single room unit. This is suitable for a small single room up to 20m2 where a multiport manifold would be excessive. This can either have its own separate feed from the flow and return with zone valves to be controlled individually, or it can come direct off the radiator system allowing all heating to be controlled with the same thermostat.

Multiport manifolds can supply many different rooms up to a combined area of 150m2 which can all be controlled individually with multiple room stats or collectively under one thermostat, individual control allows for separate timings of the heat coming on also different temperatures. The amount of ports is determined by the amount of separate rooms/ room square meter-age. If ports are being controlled separately they require actuators and a wiring centre.

Our underfloor heating pipe is pe-rt al pe-rt, basically plastic with a centre lining of aluminium and finally an inner lining of plastic. This gives it its rigidity, making it easier to work with and hold its shape when bent; makes it strong and also the pert is a type of plastic able to withstand higher temperatures than most other plastics. Its diameter is 16x2mm and comes in lengths of 100m, 200m and 300m.

Edging insulation suitable for conventional screed also has a plastic skirt suitable for liquid screed. It is used to comply with building regulations, allows for expansion of screed/concrete when heated and cooled, also reduces heat loss. Is to be fitted around all walls. Usually sold in 50m lengths.

Wiring centre is required when zones are controlled separately. It has a mains feed coming into it then all the actuators are wired into separate connections awaiting to be told to open and allow heat through as and when the thermostat calls for it. Can come as 240v supply or 12volt depending on the size of cable needed and power output.

Actuators are simply electrical on and off valves, they fit onto each separate port, and open and close when heat is called for or thermostat temperature is satisfied.

Thermostat controls the temperature of the heating either all together or room by room, the thermostats can either be digital, or a normal hand dial control. Other types can also be controlled by apps. They can be hard wired or wireless depending on users requirements.

Clip rail, sticky back and interlinks also snappable to get exact length needed, used to get exact pipe spacings for efficient systems also to stick pipe down flush.

Underfloor heating staples used to clip the pipe to celotex or polystyrene. Come in 40mm and 60mm lengths, also come on a strip so they are suitable for a clip gun which saves putting them individually by hand.

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