Will underfloor heating save on my home energy bills?

This depends on how well insulated your home is, the efficiency of the boiler, and what kind of heating needs your system will be meeting.

According to the Energy Saving Trust:

  • In an existing home with average insulation, for an air to water heat pump system, an underfloor heating under insulated timber will save 20% of energy costs over a radiator system (£500/year vs £400 average).
  • In an existing home with average insulation, with a gas or oil-fired boiler, the energy savings are smaller (about £10/year average).
  • In new and well-insulated homes, underfloor heating with a heat pump will save (£190 vs £230 average) over radiators
  • In a new and well-insulated homes, underfloorfloor heating will save negligably over a radiator system.