Domestic Underfloor Heating

As suppliers and installers of underfloor heating in Wales, we cater for all kinds of domestic buildings ranging from small or large bungalows/houses to tower blocks or flats etc. We can offer complete designs and installs, small extensions, repairs or add ons to suit the dwelling including new building developments or refurbishments; supplied with a wide range of choices for the controls, ideal to meet any situations and match the customer/users preference. For example basic dial thermastats easily control and adjust the temperature in the rooms, or more complicated controls that can be used via apps and computers allowing it to be able to controlled from work or whilst on holiday.

We are always available by phone or email to offer advice. Underfloor heating is very advantageous in the home for many reasons. It produces an even, consistent heat spread all over the room and no cold areas where radiators cannot penetrate.

Each room can be controlled individually to allow extra heat where needed or reduce the temperature for rooms less often used, in order to reduce the risk of damp. The running costs of underfloor heating are lower compared to a radiator system due to running at lower more comfortable temperatures like 30-40 degrees not 60-80 like radiators. This can save 15-50% on heating bills. Underfloor heating is suitable for all floor coverings including carpet, wood, tiles, and wet rooms which means owners or tenants can pick their preferred flooring and it can be changed without limitations in the future.
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