Commercial Underfloor Heating

Commercial underfloor heating is a great solution when looking for an alternative to traditional radiator heating for larger buildings such as schools, office blocks,warehouses or shopping centres.

Such buildings will need underfloor heating systems to compensate for the larger area, therefore larger bore pipe, manifolds and pumps are required. Additionally, the controls tend to require more security to be tamper proof, in order to stop customers or employees changing the temperatures which can make uncomfortable working conditions that are not efficient or ambient to all users.

Underfloor heating suits larger commercial buildings far better than traditional radiators. Typically radiators will heat less than 80% of the room space, whereas underfloor will heat almost 100% of the area.

Benefits of underfloor heating in commercial properties

  • Shops and offices with underfloor heating can gain access to vital storage space which would usually be blocked by radiators.
  • Underfloor heating systems last a lot longer then radiators and generally come with a 40 year manufacturers guarantee
  • Commercial underfloor heating systems require a lot less maintenance, thus saving businesses money and time
  • Underfloor heating systems in commercial buildings can cut heating bills by up to 40%
  • Some buildings, like hospitals are required to control different room temperatures separately and at varying temperatures. This is easier to achieve with an underfloor heating system as it is a more controllable heat and very easy to set individual room temperatures.
  • Underfloor heating is suitable for all finished floor types like carpet, wood and wet rooms, making it a versatile system able to suit all commercial properties.


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